Sunday, May 18, 2014

昂贵的鱼饵---Saint Angel


昨天买的是法国Saint Angel奶酪。
At just five inches square Saint Angel® is a diminutive triple-crème cheese, but its heavenly texture and flavor won’t go unnoticed. 
Saint Angel® is made in the Côtes du Rhône area of southeast France using a process called “ultrfiltration” which ensures that only the most highly-flavored components of the cow's milk are used. The addition of cream to the milk gives this soft ripened cheese a higher fat content and a decadent velvety smoothness that melts in the mouth. 
Saint Angel® has a delicate, bloomy white rind with an inoffensive hint of mushroom-like flavor that becomes richer with age. Its interior pâte is rich and luscious with the delicate taste of sweet cream. It pairs well with sparkling wines and can be served as a gourmet treat with ripe berries.
昨天我们去日本公园散步, 看见有人钓鱼,Roger 动了心,也要钓鱼。回家就开始做鱼饵,面里加黄油奶酪,居然还加了一点Saint Angel。我嘲笑他:这也太贵了,但愿钓几条大的。

结果今天早上站了1小时,两手空空,看来不是谁都喜欢Saint Angel的。

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