Sunday, March 24, 2013

Via Garibaldi (Genoa)



现在,我要去Via Garibaldi, 亲临其境那张haunt了我一路的Via Garibaldi的照片。

Charles Dickens gave a suggestive description of Strada Nuova in his travelogue Pictures from Italy.

...When shall I forget the Streets of Palaces: the Strada Nuova and the Strada Balbi! or how the former looked one summer day, when I first saw it underneath the brightest and most intensely blue of summer skies: which its narrow perspective of immense mansions, reduced to a tapering and most precious strip of brightness, looking down upon the heavy shade below! The endless details of these rich Palaces: the walls of some of them, within, alive with masterpieces by Vandyke! The great, heavy, stone balconies, one above another, and tier over tier: with here and there, one larger than the rest, towering high up—a huge marble platform; the doorless vestibules, massively barred lower windows, immense public staircases, thick marble pillars, strong dungeon-like arches, and dreary, dreaming, echoing vaulted chambers: among which the eye wanders again, and again, and again, as every palace is succeeded by another- the terrace gardens between house and house, with green arches of the vine, and groves of orange-trees, and blushing oleander in full bloom, twenty, thirty, forty feet above the street—the painted halls, mouldering, and blotting, and rotting in the damp corners, and still shining out in beautiful colours and voluptuous designs...

加里波第街(Via Garibaldi)是热那亚历史中心最重要的街道之一,以其古代宫殿著称。 这条街始建于1550年.最初称为大街(Strada Maggiore),后改名新街(Strada Nuova),1882年以朱塞佩·加里波第重新命名。 这条街长250米,宽7.5米。





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