Saturday, July 18, 2015



'Dukakis.'' A name with more than two vowels in it running for President! The last time that had happened was Eisenhower (who looked good on a tank). Generally speaking, Americans like their presidents to have no more than two vowels. Truman. Johnson. Nixon. Clinton. If they have more than two vowels (Reagan), they can have no more than two syllables. Even better is one syllable and one vowel: Bush. Had to do that twice. Why did Mario Cuomo decide against running for President? What conclusion did he come to as he withdrew to think the matter through? Unlike Michael Dukakis, who was from academic Massachusetts, Mario Cuomo was from New York and knew what was what. Cuomo knew he'd never win. Too liberal for the moment, certainly. But also: too many vowels. 

Michael Dukakis原是麻省州長,当年和老布什竞选,输给老布什了。他是希腊人的第2代移民。小说是写希腊移民的故事,作家也是希腊后代。

这里说的Mario Cuomo是现在纽约州长的父亲,也曾是纽约州长。大家都说奥巴马讲演像诗人,其实,当年Mario Cuomo在DNC上的讲演《Twin City》才是一首真正的才华横溢的诗。他当时在民主党里威望极高,大家都让他出来竞选总统。他犹豫不决——To be, Or Not to be,最后得了一个绰号:哈德逊河畔的哈姆莱特。当然,他没有竞选,也许真是因为名字的音节太多。😂


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