Sunday, June 21, 2015


说起高更和梵高,马上想起的梵高割耳朵的自画像。梵高邀请高更去阿尔勒办艺术村,两人互赠自画像。结果最后大吵一架,不欢而散。高更在那里住了2个月,画了一组阿尔勒的风俗画,芝加哥艺术馆里有Arlésiennes (Mistral), 1888的珍藏:

This painting dates from the two months Paul Gauguin spent living and working with Vincent van Gogh at the Yellow House in Arles, France. Its setting is the public park opposite the house. Gauguin used a sketchbook to plan the principal figures, the details of their headdresses, and their grouping, as well as the fountain, bench, and conical shrubs wrapped against the frost, all of which he could have observed from his bedroom window. The figure on the left resembles Madame Ginoux, the proprietress of a local café. She clutches her shawl to her mouth against the cold wind, known in the region as the mistral. Together with her blank eyes, this gesture suggests stifled grief, reinforcing the sense that she is leading a solemn cortege.

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