Friday, September 4, 2015

Chicago Food

虽说Deep dish pizza是芝加哥的代名词,可Chicaoan说:俺们城里好吃的东西多了去了,而且这都是俺们城里的特产:

1:Lou Malnati eating at Chicago's original deep dish pizza place, Pizze Uno, which later changed to Pizzeria Uno, at 29 East Ohio St.

2:Vienna Beef Chicago style hot dog

3:Flaming saganaki:1968, when staff at Chicago’s Parthenon decided to add a dose of theatricality to the fried cheese dish known as saganaki.

4:Chicken Vesuvio:Chicagoans can take credit for marketing it as Chicken Vesuvio.

5:Jibaro/jibarito:The jibaro was inspired by a recipe in a Puerto Rican newspaper in the mid-1990s. Today, you can find the sandwich in dozens of restaurants in and out of Chicago.

6:Jim Shoe: The Jim, or sometimes spelled Gym, Shoe blends roast beef, corned beef, gyros, and gyros sauce in one sandwich.

7:Akutagawa:Akutagawa blends bean sprouts, onions, burger, peppers and eggs into a beige hodgepodge.

8:Banana Mana: The Banana Mana is the creation of Reese Price, who owns a place named Mr. Allen's Sweet shop around 63rd and Carpenter streets.

9:Big Baby: While a double cheeseburger with American cheese, grilled onions, pickles, mustard and ketchup on a toasted bun is not  unique to Chicago, the precise order of ingredients, name and geographic specificity of this creation set it apart from others.

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