Friday, November 6, 2015


今天google的image是纪念萨克斯管的发明家Adolphe Sax201岁的诞辰日。我喜欢一切管乐的声音:小号,长笛,贝斯⋯但是最喜欢的是萨克斯管。

第一次听到JOHN COLTRANE 的"You don't know what love is"是在芝加哥的街上。那一瞬间,空气里弥漫了乡愁和哀伤,落叶在风里飞来飞去,冬日的阳光温暖而明亮。You don't know what love is,是的,没人知道。

JOHN COLTRANE 被称为有史以来最好的萨克斯管演奏家。他的音乐里有一种灵魂深处的渴望和诉求。他很小的时候,家里的很多亲人在一个月之内都突然死去了。他孤独的长大,虔诚勤奋。40岁就死于肝癌,一直在台上吹到死⋯

A titanic force behind tenor and soprano saxophones during his four decades on this planet, John Coltrane was relentless in his pursuit as musician. Constantly crafting his technique, he supposedly practiced sometimes ten to twelve hours a day, including after gigs or between sets. While there's some great material on his early Prestige recordings, his watershed album Giant Steps for Atlantic was monumental. His Impulse! records with his classic quartet of McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones are some of finest discs he released, including A Love Supreme and Crescent. Coltrane influenced countless musicians and his presence is even heard in younger players today.

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