Friday, February 22, 2008

I love WOA

This is what he wrote to Maya:

Folks, I meant to send this right back to Maya, but flipped my thought at the last moment. So here you go....for your thought only.

I've deleted this post for three times in a row, and didn't realize it as your own post.

However Maya, if this is all you want to post in cafe for now, I'll just quit doing anything all together, because it simply defies all the value and purpose we've been upholding for this online forum. At least this is my own understanding, and sorry for speaking out with my bluntness.

I hope you could find a way to recover from the illness as soon as possible, and don't just come to mindfully destroy this place. Meanwhile, you could also just pull the site off as it is your own property, certainly a tiny portion of this world that you're hating so much right now.

Wake up, I sincerely wish you the best!!!

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