Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tom 的回信




Thanks for the note Julie.

Yes, this project has been a true test in every sense of the word. I am really looking forward to it being over. Thank you also for the kind words. I was very sad to see you go, but am glad to hear that your life is in a much better place.

I can’t wait for the baby to come. We are so close, just 2 more weeks to go!! I know it will be tough but I am still excited about it.

Btw – I ripped the CDs you gave me to iTunes this weekend and listen to one of them all the way through. It is truly beautiful music and I plan to use it to stay calm and not stress during this time. I think also it might help baby gay sleep at night, so I’ll let you know if it works.

Yes, all roads do lead to Rome. Or to put it another way, as I have told the team many times: there is only one way out of this project and that is through it. So we must just move forward one step at a time.

Talk to you soon,

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